The Mavic difference


Mavic has been a partner of the Haute Route since its creation in 2011, and has accompanied the growth of the event ever since, stepping up even in 2017 to become a title sponsor on the first edition of the Mavic Haute Route Rockies.

Mavic are present on the start line, within the race, and on the finish line every day on every Haute Route event to provide mechanical support to all riders. The famous yellow cars weave in and out of the peloton to provide spare wheels and fix mechanicals out on the road; the van is present on the start and finish line for any last minute fixes and tune ups before and after each stage.

Our Mavic mechanics pride themselves in making our riders feel like professionals on the event. We talked to a few of our riders today to find out how Mavic had come to their aid and helped them this week.

Alexandre Nazarewic, Australia
“I was lucky yesterday when I crashed Mavic helped me to sort out my bike, didn’t even have to ask, they sorted out my bar tape and everything.”

Matthias Wyss, Switzerland
“Mavic helped me out in Nice on the first day, sorted my bike out after travelling; I really appreciated it before the start of the week.”

Mark Gray, Great Britain
“Mavic fixed my rear derailleur after a stage, I could probably have done it myself but having them tend to it was nice, it’s great to have that service available.”

James Naylor, Australia
“I’m lucky enough not to have needed them this year, but they saved me last year when I ran out of spares after puncturing three times on the same stage. They’re always around and have got everything you could need.”

Michele Verdoja, Italy
“I had a problem with my chain so I went to see them after the stage yesterday, it definitely takes away some of the stress.”

Laurent Brun, France
“Touch wood I haven’t needed Mavic’s help yet, but they saved the day for my teammate on the Time Trial. He punctured right before the start and they were right in with a spare wheel so he could start on time.”

On top of providing an unrivalled level of mechanical support to our riders, the Mavic mechanics are always smiling and happy to help out around the event village when necessary. We want to thank Mavic on behalf of the whole organisation and all the riders for their unwavering support; keep an eye out for the men in yellow on all our events this year and in the future, they’ll be smiling and happy to help!