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Our Concept

Featuring challenging 3-, 5- and 7-day events in iconic cycling destinations worldwide, the Haute Route provides the opportunity to ride unique routes and legendary climbs in a peloton of passionate cyclists, just like you. Whatever your ranking is and whoever you’re riding with, you’ll find a supportive and positive atmosphere to help you reach new heights.

Whether you’re discovering the Haute Route for the first time, challenging yourself again on the same course or exploring a new destination with us, our team of professionals has you covered with a range of premium services before, during and after the events. Haute Route services make the difference and allow you to aim for great challenges.

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A Race Format To Suit You

The Courses

Whether you are fast or slow, into competition or scenery, or looking to ride longer or shorter distances; we have the right choice for you!

3-day event map

Haute Route Compact

A shorter course for a taste of the Haute Route experience

  • 1 host city
  • 2 classic stages
  • 1 uphill time trial
  • 1 event (Alpe d'Huez)
  • Stages from 70-100km (40-60 mile) and 1500-2500M+ (5000-8000 ft)
3-day event map

Haute Route
3 day

Providing a real challenge for every type of rider, this is the full Haute Route experience packed into a long weekend

  • 1 host city
  • 2 classic stages
  • 1 uphill time trial
  • 2 events (Alpe d'Huez & Davos)
  • Stages from 100-140km (60-90 mile) and 2500-3500M+ (8000-11500 ft)
5-day event map

Haute Route
5 day

Immerse yourself in the world's best cycling locations and take on a long, roaming challenge unlike any other

  • Point-to-point routes
  • 5 classic stages
  • 2 events (Dolomites & Pyrénées)
  • Stages from 100-140 km (60-90 mile) and 2500-3500M+ (8000-11500 ft)
7-day event map

Haute Route Alps

Dare to tackle seven days of the highest, most challenging roads in the toughest amateur cycling race in the world

  • Point-to-point routes
  • 6 classic stages
  • 1 uphill time trial
  • Stages from 100-140km (60-90 mile) and 2500-3500M+ (8000-11500 ft)

Race Categories

An official prize ceremony will take place at the end of each day to celebrate the biggest stars of each stage.



It's a race, a personal challenge, an adventure and a series of some of the nicest days you've ever had out on your bike.


Team (4-6 riders)

Ride as a team like professionals! The aim of the game: Each team will make their own strategy to get three of their riders to the finish line as fast as possible.

The ranking will be based by cumulating the times of the three fastest members. For Mixed teams it must include the times from at least one woman and one man on each stage.

Each rider of the team will also be ranked in the solo General Classification.


Corporate, Groups & Clubs

For more information about our corporate options, entering as a group or creating a bespoke package, please contact Fergus Grant [email protected].

A unique and powerful brand

Reach New Heights

Born in the mountains and raised on the road

Haute Route is driven by a passion for soaring heights and personal feats, paving the way to the best experience of people's lives. Embedded in the most iconic cycling locations worldwide, the Haute Route provides the challenge as well as the support to help clients reach new heights.

At the Haute Route we believe that with a little help everyone can overcome the obstacles

that keep us from being the best we can be. With unrivalled support and services before, during and after the event, let us help you go all the way.