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The Haute Route Nation is more than a club. We are a global community of passionate cyclists brought together by a love for reaching new heights. Join the Haute Route Nation community and benefit from an access to special services, training insights and exclusive offers to help support your cycling goals.

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With our global map tool, you can find nearby Haute Route ambassadors and Hubs recommended by them all over the world. You can also add Coffee shops and Bike shops you would recommend to the HRN World by sending us an email to [email protected]


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Whether you're at home or far away, always find someone to ride with thanks to our Rides & Rendezvous section.



Articles made for cyclists, by cyclists and about cyclists. Discover our favourite cycling spots, find the best training advice from our team of industry experts, read inspiring stories about cyclists around the world and discover the answers to cycling's big questions.


We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things together.

We are the Haute Route Nation