Inaugural Haute Route Mexico set to take place October 2019


Located in the stunning Valle de Bravo, the inaugural Haute Route Mexico is set to take place from October 18th to 20th 2019. Closing out the 2019 Haute Route season in style, this brand new three day event will allow riders to discover a breathtakingly beautiful region, a vibrant local cycling culture and its beautiful and demanding climbs.

Based in the colonial town of Valle de Bravo, the three days of riding will offer a spectacularly scenic experience, riding through dense forest areas and up to the summit of cols that tower over the pristine Valle de Bravo lake.

True to the Haute Route experience, the three day event will feature two mountain stages and an uphill time trial on the final day. With stages being timed and ranked, the international peloton of riders will benefit from the usual level of professional services both on and off the bike. Including mechanical, medical and security support out on the road, film crews, post race meals, massages and briefings by the race director every evening.


Located just a two hour drive away from Mexico City, Valle de Bravo has built a reputation as a weekend destination for those who live in the city but who are looking to enjoy the nature. Whether it be water-sports on the lake, hiking in the surrounding foothills and up the mountains or cycling on the quiet roads, Valle de Bravo has something to please all outdoor sports enthusiasts.

With its colonial Mexican town aesthetic, it has been named a “Magic Town” of the nation and it provides a uniquely authentic Mexican experience for travellers looking to discover the beautiful country of Mexico.

Importantly for riders planning to take part in Haute Route Mexico, conditions in Valle de Bravo in October are ideal for cycling - with temperatures usually hovering around the 20C mark.

A recent October test event on-site in Valle de Bravo, featuring 30 guest riders, demonstrated the suitability and incredible potential of Valle de Bravo to host the inaugural edition next year. Riders enjoyed three days of riding on the proposed course, featuring long climbs, winding descents and outstanding views throughout.

The atmosphere and environment are quite special,” reflected experienced Haute Route veteran Chris Breckon after the three days of riding, “the villages are amazing and you feel really close to the local community. Conquering the volcano is really quite spectacular, the long steady climb rises above 3500m, there is nothing comparable in Europe. I will definitely be back next October for the real thing!

With nearly 250 registrations sold in the last month, the event is already witnessing a strong popularity amongst both local riders and the international community of Haute Route alumni. Head to the event page here to find out more and register for the inaugural Haute Route Mexico