Closing out the European season of Haute Route events, the Haute Route Ventoux presents a great opportunity to finish your summer of riding in style atop one of the most recognisable mountains in cycling. Towering over the flatlands of French Provence, each of the three stages of the Original course will finish on the summit of Mont Ventoux while the Compact course will offer you the possibility to experience the Haute Route.

Stage 1: Bédoin – Mont Ventoux
Original: 122KM / 3100M+
Compact: 96KM / 2200M+

Starting from Bédoin, the first stage of the Haute Route Ventoux will head north toward the small climb of Col de la Madeleine to warm you up.

After the descent, you will ride a loop to the east through the Col de la Chaine before the quick descent to Malaucène. You will ride the next 20 kilometres on hilly terrain before taking on the regular ascent of Col de Fontaube, a first in the event’s history. At the summit, you will head to Montbrun-les-Bains to reach the now classic and challenging ascent of the Col de l’Homme Mort, from a different side than previous editions.

With the following 18-km descent, take time to recover before Sault located at the foot of Mont Ventoux. Starting from Sault, the first climb up Mont Ventoux is the easiest side of the mountain as it features an initial 19km with slopes between 3-4% before reaching Chalet Reynard and the final 6-km assault on the summit above the tree line.

The Compact route on this first stage will follow the same route as the Original but will avoid the Col de l’Homme Mort and finish at Chalet Reynard.

Stage 2: Bédoin – Mont Ventoux
Original: 118KM / 3100M+
Compact: 105KM / 1650M+

Heading south, this second stage of the Haute Route Ventoux will start easily with a downhill false flat until Mormoiron. Leaving the Gorges de la Nesque on your left, you will ride through the Vaucluse region and discover its charming typical villages of Provence. You will climb up Blauvac to then head toward Méthamis, which will mark the beginning of the long but easy ascent of the Collet de Morel culminating at 760 metres above sea level.

After this new ascent, you will descend for a few kilometres before riding on an uphill false flat to Aurel. You will then ride on small roads with little traffic for 20 kilometres before taking on the Col de Veaux and Col des Astauds to reach the foot of Mont Ventoux in Malaucène.

Arguably the toughest side of Mont Ventoux, the ascent from Malaucène will present a stern challenge with 21km at an average gradient of 7.5%. The first few bends are quite demanding, hovering around the 7-8% mark, but a number of flatter sections allow you to recover. However, once you reach the heart of the forest and the middle of the climb, a long portion of approximately 3km features a gradient that rarely drops below 12%, and a road that drags along in a straight line. Reaching the ski station of Mont Serein and riding past the Chalet Liotard, a flatter section will allow you to recover at this point before the final 4km of winding roads to the summit. Emerging from the trees in the final kilometers, you can make out the summit high above, and are able to countdown the turns until you reach the finish line.

For the second stage, the Compact route will follow a shorter road between Mormoiron and Méthamis, and head back to Bédoin via the Col de la Madeleine, leaving the Ventoux on their left side in Malaucène.

Stage 3: ITT Bédoin – Mont Ventoux
21,5KM / 1600M+

Unchanged from previous years, the third and final stage of the Haute Route Ventoux will be an uphill time trial from Bédoin to the summit of Mont Ventoux. Heading down the start ramp one-by-one, you will complete the Haute Route Ventoux with an individual effort against one of the most famous climbs in all of cycling.

The ascent can be split into three distinct sections. Firstly, a 6-km rolling start towards the hairpin bend in Saint-Estève, secondly a winding and steep road through the forest to Chalet Reynard with 9 kilometres at 9-10%, and finally the last 6km above the tree line through the emblematic barren landscape of Mont Ventoux. Reaching the summit at 1909m above sea-level, you will have conquered all three sides of the mountain throughout the weekend and will become proud Finisher of the Haute Route Ventoux.