Haute Route partners with Precision Hydration to bring elite-level hydration to all riders


Haute Route is delighted to have agreed a global partnership with the sweat experts, Precision Hydration, to bring elite-level hydration to riders across the globe.

Staying hydrated is crucial if you want to perform at your best during an Haute Route event and Precision Hydration will be providing riders with expert hydration advice and electrolyte drinks to help them replace the fluids and minerals lost in their sweat.

PH have used their cutting-edge Sweat Test to personalise the hydration strategies of a number of riders on the World Tour as well as professional athletes across various endurance and team sports. In our ongoing quest to provide the same experience to our riders as the pros, we wanted our riders to have access to the same technology and expertise. With the PH experts present onsite at select Haute Route events throughout the year, riders will be able to book a Sweat Test on registration day to help fine-tune their hydration strategy before they toe the start line.

To help riders nail their hydration, all Haute Route riders will receive a free tube of PH 1500 at registration, an extra strong electrolyte drink that will help them start each stage optimally hydrated and aid recovery afterwards. PH’s specially formulated, hypotonic electrolyte drinks will also be available at the feed stations on course.

The levels of electrolytes lost in your sweat varies massively from rider to rider. That means the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to hydration doesn’t cut it. Personalising your hydration plan is important as everyone sweats differently. Head to our blog here to learn more here about how you can hydrate better during an Haute Route event.

To get some personalised hydration advice for your Haute Route training, take PH’s free online Sweat Test. Plus, use the code HAUTEROUTE to get 15% off electrolyte drinks that match how you sweat at precisionhydration.com.

Get a Personalised Hydration Plan
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