The first 3-day Haute Route event to feature two different host cities, Haute Route Brazil is the perfect opportunity to escape for a cycling weekend, including some of the most iconic climbs in South America as well as a few hidden gems. A once in a life-time experience with a mix of stunning views and exuberant culture and flavours.

Stage 1: Urubici - Serra do Rio do Rastro

Original - 114KM / 2900M+
Compact - 88KM / 1900M+

Starting in front of the Event Village, Stage 1 is the Queen Stage of Haute Route Brazil. Riders will be escorted in a “parade ride” through the main street of Urubici to warm up and celebrate with the local community before rolling out of town heading to Serra de Urubici, the first climb of the day with its 12 steady kilometres. Atop Serra de Urubici, riders will reach 1,561m above sea level, the highest point of Stage 2. The rolling hills through the forest of Araucárias, the traditional trees of Santa Catarina Highlands, is the perfect landscape for riders to ride with friends and enjoy the view.

All at once, the Brazilian nature will unveil its greatness and beauty right in front of riders who will enjoy a breath-taking view of the rainforest valley at the top of countless switchbacks of the Serra do Rio do Rastro. With clear skies it is possible to see the ocean on the horizon. Serra do Rio do Rastro is known as the “Brazilian Stelvio” and is ranked among the 10 most beautiful climbs in the cycling world. The untimed 13km descent of Serra do Rio do Rastro, closed to traffic, will allow riders to ride down at their own pace and enjoy the amazing view. Recover while you can and then take a deep breath before the U-turn to climb the last steep 13km of Serra do Rio do Rastro and its switchbacks to then proudly conquer “The Brazilian Stelvio” and cross the finish line at Mirante da Serra do Rio do Rastro.

The Compact course of Stage 1 offers the same start line and finish line as Original course. This is a unique opportunity for athletes of both courses to ride together during the entire Compact course. Although riders of Compact course will not climb Serra do Rio do Rastro they will have the opportunity to reach the finish line on its summit from the top of the highlands.

Stage 2: Urubici - Morro da Igreja
Original - 93KM / 2250M+
Compact - 78KM / 1200M+

The stage 2 of the Haute Route Brazil begins in Urubici, a charming village in the countryside of Santa Catarina. The course starts with a gentle climb with alpine-style bends crossing vineyards in the Serra do Panelão valley which will help riders to warm up. After a first climb, the riders will come back to the city centre and the Event Village before a flat section through apple plantations and rocky peaks. Perfect to recover before the final 16-km climb with steep ramps including the feared km three - a 500m segment with 20% average - to reach the finish line at the summit of Morro da Igreja, the highest inhabited site in the south of Brazil at 1.818m above sea level. Morro da Igreja is part of a National Park full of wildlife and its summit is a Brazilian National Security area with an airspace control radar.

The Compact course on the second day features the same gentle climbs at the beginning of the Original course. Riders will enjoy stunning views, perfect tarmac and light traffic on the roads leading towards a convenient finish line just in front of the Event Village, where they will enjoy a hot meal and a well-deserved recovery.

Stage 3: ITT Florianópolis
15KM / 350M+

Florianópolis is widely known as the most beautiful capital of Brazil. Located on an island with 42 sandy beaches, the great seafood, local cuisine and the warm hospitality of its people makes it a very popular tourist destination all year round. The 15-km Stage 3 individual time trial is the only Haute Route stage entirely organised on the beachfront. It gives you the opportunity to go all out from the Hercílio Luz Bridge up to Morro da Cruz. The Hercilio Luz is a steel bridge inaugurated in 1926 and closed for rebuilding since 1991. The re-opening ceremony will be held in December 2019. Riders will start the individual time trial from the middle of the bridge heading towards Beira Mar Avenue, closed to traffic on a flat section. It´s time for the riders to give everything to start climbing the 2,5km of Morro da Cruz and its steep ramps. The 360-degree view from the belvedere at the top is the best way to celebrate you becoming an Haute Route Finisher!