Taking on the Nevado de Toluca volcano


Today’s ride was one for the books. Dawn came with clear skies which relieved all riders at least to begin pedaling. As the race got out of the town of Valle de Bravo, the riders entered a dense forest with a short climb that was perfect to warm up on this chilly morning. This was great preparation for what was ahead… Nevado de Toluca Volcano stood right in between them and the finish line, and no one was going around it.

Riders climbed Nevado de Toluca in order to get to the highest point ever reached by any Haute Route event. This mythical climb was not one to take lightly. With the motivation of imminent rain chasing the peloton, it was easy to feel a sudden pick up on the pace.

By the time all riders got to the summit, it was time to put on jackets and gilets in order to tackle a much deserved descent into town and cross the finish line with a huge smile of accomplishment.