A gruelling time trial


Waking up for the last stage of Haute Route can be a bit of a challenge. Exhausted both fiscally and mentally your legs are screaming at you to get some rest, which of course you have to ignore. Haute Route is not about climbing hills, but overcoming challenges that force you out of your confort zone.

The Time Trial Stage is a clear representation of this challenge. It is the last day, you go at it alone and in the format of a uphill sprint where you have to squeeze every last bit of energy out of your worn down legs. Even though it is considerably shorter, it is just as gruelling as the previous stages.

Riders lined up anxious by the start line where they waited nervously for their name to be called out and get the green light to go.

This uphill battle against the clock was held at an incredible climb surrounded by a dense and tall forest where riders gave it all to save as much time as they could. With sweat dripping down their faces and their legs giving it absolutely everything, they finally made it. They where officially Haute Route Finishers, the only thing left was celebrate and look back on the great weekend that was Haute Route Mexico.