Facing “The Mexican Tour de France” on day 1


At 6:00AM in Valle de Bravo, all riders wake up anxious to get on their bikes, haunted by the remains of yesterday storm. Curiously enough, dawn brought clear skies and mild temperatures along with it. This great start managed to keep the nerves at bay while transforming them into an atmosphere filled with excitement by the time riders all gathered on the start line.

After a great start by the shores of Valle de Bravo lake, riders charged on the peloton urging it to pick up the pace. By the time they got to the timed section of the stage, riders were greeted by breathtaking views with beautiful winding roads. This section is locally referred to as “The Mexican Tour de France” since it welcomes cyclists with twisty roads and unbelievable views in every direction they can think of.

It was amazing to watch riders tackling sharp hairpins with a grin, and pop out the other side with an ear to ear smile while prepping their pedals to take on the next one while screams of joy could be heard from the other side of the canyon.

After the successive turns, riders quickly entered a dense oak forest for the toughest climb on Stage 1. Suddenly it was easy to sense riders doubting if they went too hard on the bends to make it till the end. Nevertheless they reached the summit just in time for a long fast descent into town where cold beer was waiting and plenty of massage tables where set to relieve the racers´ weary legs after an amazing first day at the Haute Route Mexico.