400 riders gathered in Valle de Bravo to take on the inaugural Haute Route Mexico


Nearly 400 riders from all over the world arrived to the town of Valle de Bravo to pick up their rider packages and get their first taste of the inaugural Haute Route Mexico.

Riders were greeted with some heavy downpour and breathtaking views of foggy forest mountains surrounding the lake. This was more than enough to add a thrilling feeling of adventure to come during the weekend.

Even though it was cold and raining, the Haute Route Village had a great feeling of coziness with free coffee provided by the Event Sponsors.

It was easy to feel the excitement in the air, some riders where anxious to get out into the rain, others where making weather predictions and betting on how they’ll beat their teammates, but everyone feeling like a little kid on Christmas Day. They weren’t dreaming, the day had finally come, they where standing in Valle de Bravo about to take on 300km of pure adrenaline.

With all the bikes finely tuned and ready, all riders excited and the mountains waiting, it is time to go get a beer during the Safety Briefing followed by a good night’s sleep to prepare for Race Day.