Here you will find the answers to most of your questions regarding your registration, accommodation, equipment, race information, logistics, timings, the race village etc. Please check this section before contacting us - thank you!


We have a new insurance for 2019, which can cover the entry fee and also the extra services in case of cancellation. You can book it when you pay the total amount at the time of your registration (will represent 15% of your total basket + 15% of your insurance amount = it will represent between 16 and 20% of your cart - without service fees). With this insurance, you will be able to cancel your participation without any justification.

No - we STRONGLY advise each rider to subscribe to Circles Groups Insurance at the time of the registration because there will be no refunds from the organisation.

You normally receive an email from the insurance company after you complete your registration to our event.

To claim the refund for your entry fee and/or accommodation please connect you here.

To contact them : Circles Group SA - +356 26 45 87 92 & [email protected]

Please note that we do not allow transfer of entry or accommodation to another rider, to another event or to the following year.

Haute Route organisers propose a premium insurance to cover you in case of cancellation. We strongly advise each rider to subscribe to this insurance as there will be no refunds from the organisation.

To benefit from it, you need to tick the boxes above. To cancel no justification is required and reimbursement is immediate. The insurance is valid for entry fee and extra services.

This insurance also includes a personal accident package for during the event. All riders are highly recommended to take one.

NB: It will not be possible to add this insurance once your entry has been completed.

If you didn’t subscribe to the Circles Group Insurance, you can contact Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance for UK residents. A 5% discount can be applied using the following discount code: HAUTEROUTEYJ5