Here you will find the answers to most of your questions regarding your registration, accommodation, equipment, race information, logistics, timings, the race village etc. Please check this section before contacting us - thank you!


No. As explained in the rules and regulations of the event, the organisation will not proceed to:

- Any refund of the registration fees
- Any transfer of the registration from one rider to another one, from one event to another or from one year to the following.

This is why we recommend you purchase the Circles Group cancellation insurance at the time of your registration.

Important: Once you confirm your registration it is impossible to purchase a cancellation insurance at a later date.

You will be able to subscribe to the cancellation insurance during the registration process, at the payment page.

A Premium insurance : Cancellation insurance + Personal accident insurance

The Haute Route Organisation offers a “premium” insurance pack to cover riders* in case of:

- Cancellation before the event. The insurance covers registration and extra-service fees (if purchased at the same time). You can cancel and be refund at any time and without any justification document.

- Accident on event. The insurance includes a personal accident insurance valid during the whole event.

Please find the General Condition of the insurance Company Circle Group here

The cost of the cancellation insurance is equal to 17.25% of the total of the registration and extra-services fees.

*Infinity Pass members can not subscribe to this cancellation insurance for the registration. However, they can purchase it for the extra services at the event registration time ONLY.

A simplified and immediate refund, without the need for a justification document

1. To ask for the refund, you simply need to follow the process on the Internet portal here
2. No justification document is required
3. The refund is immediate

Important :

- Once the registration is confirmed it is impossible to purchase the cancellation insurance at a later date.
- The expiration date of the cancellation guarantee is the official time of the bib collection opening (schedule available in the rules and regulation of each Haute Route)

If you purchase the cancellation insurance and you request a refund you will be automatically unsubscribed from the event and your registration will be cancelled. This is valid whether you take cancellation insurance for:
o Both registration and extra-services (if purchased at the same time)
o Registration only
o A cancellation request is FINAL

No. The Haute Route organisation does not offer a personal accident insurance.

However, if you purchase our Premium insurance package, you will also be covered in the case of an accident during the whole period of the event. (Subject to respecting the conditions established in the General T&Cs).

The amount covered (personal accident): 50.000€ (death), 100.000€ (permanent invalidity), 5000€ (medical fees)

Following your registration, you received an email confirming that you purchased the cancellation insurance, with a certificate of insurance attached to the email.

In part 5 of this attachment, you will find the procedure to follow in order to receive a refund. To obtain the refund, you will need to login here

To contact the insurance company: Circles Group SA - +356 26 45 87 92 & [email protected]

If you didn’t subscribe to the Circles Group Insurance, you can contact Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance for UK residents. A 5% discount can be applied using the following discount code: HAUTEROUTEYJ5

1. Transfer

No transfer of registration from one participant to another, from one event to another or one year to another is permitted by the organisation.

2. Exceptional refunds: Specific refund modalities for each extra-service

a) Shuttle

- Refunds (excluding fees) are allowed until one month before the event. After this deadline, we will not be able to refund the shuttle fees. The Haute Route organisation will keep 10% of the shuttle cost to cover management fees.

- The modification of the pick-up time (in a same event) is allowed until 15 days before the event

NB: If you have purchased the cancellation insurance and cancel your participation and the insurance is only able to apply in part to a particular additional service, we will cancel your reservation and we will send you a discount code valid for additional services for another Haute Route (valid during the current season and the next one).

b) Accommodation: refund of an accommodation package is not allowed.

However, the organisation allows, without extra fee, one change to the reservation.

- Per rider, on the same event and for the same edition
- Subject to availability of the new option requested
- If the option requested is more expensive than the initial one purchased: you will have to pay the price difference
- If the option requested is less expensive than the initial one purchased: you will not get a refund of the difference

Any subsequent modification will result in a booking fee of 30€

Request a change:
Every request for cancellation or modification needs to be sent by e-mail to the Participants Relation Team: [email protected]

Deadline for changes:

- 3-day Haute Route: at the latest 1 month before the event
- 7-day Haute Route: at the latest 2 months before the event

No request will be accepted if they arrive after these deadlines

Important: In case of cancellation after a change of option and in case you
have subscribed to the cancellation insurance, this will only cover the price of the initial option.

c) Race bag: The race bag is unique and personalised, the refund is not allowed by the organisation, regardless of thern or date of cancellation request