Here you will find the answers to most of your questions regarding your registration, accommodation, equipment, race information, logistics, timings, the race village etc. Please check this section before contacting us - thank you!


As part of the entry fee in 2019, each rider will receive a Haute Route branded gilet developed specifically for Haute Route by historical partner, Mavic.

Haute Route is providing a Haute Route branded cycling gilet to all riders, which we recommend you to wear at the start, finish and during descents. Not compulsory however it looks great in the photos for the start and at the finish.

We are not able to carry spare wheels for you during the week from each stage to the next. If you have booked an accommodation package with us, we can only carry what will fit in your Haute Route travel bag. However, we will provide information on local bike shops if you need to buy bike parts during the week if necessary, and Mavic will be at the Race Village at the start and finish providing mechanical support. If you have someone supporting you during the week who is carrying your luggage for your then you can take and use whatever spares you like.

We will have a secure bike park at the finish of each stage so you can leave your bike there while you shower, have lunch and a massage and hang out at the Race Village. Then you will cycle back to your hotel. If your hotel is far away, we will organise shuttles for you and your bike.

7 day events only: Travel Bag - If you book an accommodation package with us, we will pick your travel bag up each morning from your hotel and deliver it to the hotel where you will stay after the finish of each stage. If you don’t book accommodation with us you will need to drop your Travel bag at the start line and pick it up at the Info Point near the finish line each day.

All events: Backpack - you will be able to leave your backpack to the start line each morning and pick it up at the finish line of each stage, so be sure to pack a towel, clean clothes, toiletries, trainers and anything else you might want at the finish before you go back to your hotel. Please note that only official Haute Route backpacks will be accepted. Any other bags (personal backpack, plastic bag, etc) will not be accepted.

We can only transport the official bags we give you, so if you bring other bags with you, you will need to fit them in to your Travel bag or we would suggest you put any bags you bring with you that you don’t need during the week in your bike bag/box, which you will give to us on Registration Day and collect at the finish of stage 7.

Haute Route Europe & Haute Route Rockies: We will collect your bike box from you on Registration day (the day before stage 1). It will be loaded on to a truck and we will give it back to you after the finish of stage 7.

Haute Route 3 Days: You can leave your bike box at your hotel.