Quartz Health Programme


The Haute Route is delighted to have entered into a partnership with the Ultra Sport Science Foundation to provide a state-of-the-art health monitoring programme to Haute Route Alps riders in 2018.

The Quartz programme is a useful adjunct to your training build-up and participation in the Haute Route. It helps you to be aware of how your body is coping with your training, keeping a detailed log of your relevant medical history and providing you with pre-event and on-site tests to ensure you are fit and ready to go.

The Quartz programme is offered free to 50 volunteer Haute Route Alps athletes in 2018 as we test it in the Haute Route series for the first time. It is run by Athlete for Transparency which works with the Ultra Sport Science Foundation in its mission focused on the enhancement and distribution of scientific and medical knowledge related to participation in ultra-endurance sports.

Monitoring and protecting the health of Haute Route cyclists throughout their training and during their Haute Route event. Helping to ensure that we compete in a doping-free world.

Riders are invited to fill in a detailed and confidential health questionnaire online using the Sport and Health Online platform, also known as SHOL.


During Training

Riders are invited to update their profile with any relevant information during the build-up to the Haute Route – for example a flu infection that might be treated with antibiotics, details of a new dietary supplement or treatment of a knee injury.

Final Month

Blood test - A month before the Haute Route begins, riders will be asked to undergo a free pre-event blood test at their local surgery or laboratory. Samples will then be sent for analysis with the results updated on your SHOL account.

Registration Day

Blood test – Riders undergo a second blood test which will then be compared to the first test to check for any abnormalities. Doctors review results to classify riders into one of four categories: Normal, Atypical, Potential Disease, Abnormal linked to potential doping.

During Event

Medical staff can access SHOL account if necessary should anything untoward or an accident occur.