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Alps 2022


21-27 August 2022

number of days7 Days

total distance icon792km 492mi

total elevation icon21300M+ 69881ft


Dolomites 2022


30 August - 3 September 2022

number of days5 Days

total distance icon458km 284mi

total elevation icon14850M+ 48720ft


Davos 2022


23-25 September 2022

number of days3 Days

total distance icon265km 165mi

total elevation icon6750M+ 22145ft


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The Ultimate Challenge

Haute Route Alps logo

Come face to face with the Haute Route Alps, the highest and toughest in the cycling series. Now in its eleventh year, the Haute Route Alps has carved a name for itself as the most challenging amateur cycling race in the world. Test your endurance on the flagship Haute Route event.


The Haute Route Nation Blog

The top 5 things we're looking forward to this season
The top 5 things we're looking forward to this season

The 2022 season is imminent, and the Haute Route team are working around the clock to ensure it will be a season to remember!

Biarritz: A Gateway to the Pyrenees
Biarritz: A Gateway to the Pyrenees

The ideal starting point for the Haute Route Pyrenees, find out more about the city of Biarritz.

5 reasons to register for the Haute Route Davos 2022
5 reasons to register for the Haute Route Davos 2022

We will present you the five reasons why you should register for the Haute Route Davos 2022.


What our riders say

"There are so many riders from all over the world – U.S.A, Mexico, Russia – it's very cool! You all take on the experience together, suffer together, celebrate together. On every Haute Route stage you start to get to know everyone you’re riding with, we created this group vibe and made friends with so many riders."

"On an Haute Route event you have a team on every corner of the road, safety race cars and escorts, a team to clear the roads of any obstacles and more... you can basically close your eyes whilst riding knowing everything will be looked after – and that’s a pretty nice feeling to have!"

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