The world's most prestigious multi-day events for amateur riders

Taking place over seven or three-day formats, our timed and ranked stage events are embedded in the world's most iconic cycling terrain.

About the Haute Route

The aim of the Haute Route is to deliver an unparalleled professional experience both on and off the bike for amateur riders.

In partnership with a number of companies who are experts in their field we ensure that you enjoy an unparalleled level of safety, security, comfort and premium services over seven or three timed and ranked stages.

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Haute Route Infinity Pass

Infinity Pass

Enter an unlimited number of Haute Route events for a year for one fixed price

Haute Route Compact

Choose your course

Choose a course that suits you on every 3-day event in 2019. You can either take on the Original course, or the Compact course.

A life changing event

A unique experience

Enter one of the Haute Route events and be prepared for a life-changing experience that gives you an unrivalled sense of achievement.

An event for everyone

If you think the challenge is too much for you, think again. Whether you're a Rookie or seasoned cyclist, with the right level of training, these events are perfectly achievable by ordinary athletes.

New to the sport? New to the event? Read some inspiring stories from first-time riders, cycling enthusiasts and experienced riders.

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Choose your event

Taking place in the most iconic cycling locations worldwide, the Haute Route events are the most prestigious amateur cycling events in the world.

Take your pick from the events on offer, each edition features seven or three timed and ranked stages including an individual time trial. Choose the event that suits you best!

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What people are saying

Karolina Örnstedt
“I reached the finish with just two minutes to spare. I just did not give up and it felt like I had won the race. It was an incredible feeling even though we were at the back of the pack.”
Karolina Örnstedt
A Rookie Rider
Emma Pooley
“I like the challenge and I think it’s something that’s valid to everyone who does it, whether you are a professional athlete, good amateur or right at the back. I feel humbled to see what every rider has gone through.”
Emma Pooley
Experienced Rider
Carlo Fino
“The week was fantastic, the organisation is very very good, the massages, the relationship you have with the other people.”

Carlo Fino
Experienced Rider
Kenton Cool
“I’ve climbed Everest ten times and I’m always looking for the next challenge and this is arguably the biggest challenge of my life. It is as close as us mere mortals will get to being a pro…”
Kenton Cool
An Enthusiast