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I AM A Rookie Rider

New to the sport, new to the event, you can do it... If you don’t think you are up to this daunting and amazing challenge, think again! Read some inspiring comments below from ‘Rookie’ riders - young, not so young, male, female, able-bodied, disabled - who have previously braved the Haute Route challenge and loved every minute...

Chris Hope, 2014

Haute Route Alps
Chris Hope country flag

"An emotional moment! A few tears came to the surface."

Nigel Yeo, 2014

Haute Route Dolomites Swiss Alps
Nigel Yeo country flag

"What a week. Incredibly tough and quite emotional at times."

Nuno Luz

Nuno Luz, 2013

Iron RIder
Nuno Luz country flag

“Six years ago I weighed 93kg and chain-smoked. But one day I decided to never smoke again. I started cycling, ate better, hired a coach and a year later I was riding a nine-day, off-road 1150km trail…”

Mike Jones

Mike Jones, 2013

Haute Route Pyrenees
Mike Jones country flag

“It was unknown territory. But as the event progressed, I got stronger. My friends back home were tuned in to the live tracking on the event website and had a sweepstake on how long I’d last, so proving them wrong was a constant motivator.”

Kathleen Swalling

Kathleen Swalling, 2012

Haute Route Alps
Kathleen Swalling country flag

“People have come from all over the world and we’re all here for the same reason – to get through the Haute Route together. It’s so painful and so challenging it just pulls you together. I’ve just had so many amazing connections with people.”

Lizzy Foreman

Lizzy Foreman, 2013

Haute Route Alps
Lizzy Foreman country flag

“I’ve been using road cycling as a good way to get fit and it’s a mental and physical challenge. I only got my first road bike nine months ago so I knew it was going to be tough. You’ve got to be passionate about it. I loved every minute of it even though its tough.”

Wim Geberbauer

Wim Geberbauer, 2013

Youngest rider, Haute Route Alps
Wim Geberbauer country flag

“The way I describe it to my friends is a mini Tour de France, as it’s the only way I can get across to them what kind of challenge it is.”

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