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Introducing the Haute Route

The Haute Route is cycling’s first global series of multi-day races for amateurs. Whether it’s in Colorado’s Rockies, the French Alps, Pyrenees or Italian Dolomites, these are the highest, toughest and most prestigious amateur cycling events in the world.

Each edition features seven timed and ranked stages with professional-level event organisation including medical teams, mechanical support, rolling road security, film crews and, of course, massages.

Rookie or expert, you will tackle the highest, steepest, most-renowned terrain in world cycling. You will push yourself to your physical and mental limits – and experience what it’s really like to ‘ride like a pro’.

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What makes the Haute Route unique?

The Haute Route’s Race Management team’s objective is to deliver events that are the unparalleled ‘professional’ experience for amateur cyclists. Not simply because of the 20,000m of ascent in the most legendary cols of the French Alps, Italian Dolomites, Swiss Alps and Pyrenees – should an Haute Route be considered the amateur equivalent of one of pro cycling’s Grand Tours – but it’s the infrastructure and attention to detail behind the scenes that ensures the Haute Route events stand apart ‘from the crowd’.

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The spirit of the Haute Route

Everyone has their own personal reason for doing the Haute Route. It can be life changing for many, it allows those with physical and personal challenges to prove that anything can be done if you put your mind to it; and only those riders who do it, fully understand what it means.

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An exceptional group of individuals is selected every year to represent the Haute Route.

Representing the entire Haute Route peloton, their aim as Official Ambassadors is to connect with cycling communities, to share their experience of the Haute Route and to spread the word of this incredible challenge.

The Ambassadors closely communicate with other participants, industry players, local organisers and supporters. They participate in sporting events throughout the year, representing and supporting the Haute Route at every opportunity.

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Rookie, Enthusiast, Serious Racer -
Anyone Can Do It

I AM A Rookie Rider

“The way I describe it to my friends is a mini Tour de France, as it’s the only way I can get across to them what kind of challenge it is.”

Wim Geberbauer, 2013

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I AM An Enthusiast

 can’t put a price on the
memories it leaves. I’ll be talking about this for a long time…”

Timothy Hopkin, 2013

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I AM A Serious Racer

“You’re all pulling in the same direction to achieve your best result possible... A few guys were climbing at a rate I never believed I could sustain but I stayed with them…”

Dave Moran, 2013

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Haute Route Partners

We'd like to say a big thank you to all our Official Partners and Suppliers who have committed to the Haute Route 2014. Without their help we would not be able to offer the participants the outstanding and unique experience they encounter on the Hatue Route events.

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