Wattbike training plan for 3-day Haute Route events


This progressive training plan is designed specifically for the Haute Route 3-day events and is based on up to date training methodology and experience of preparing riders for multi-day events. The training plan follows a polarised training model where by 80% of your training will be at an intensity less than your FTP, and 20% above your FTP. This type of training has been proven to be an effective and time efficient method of training for endurance events.

As the plan progresses, it gets more specific and starts to replicate the riding you will do on the Haute Route. This plan requires eight hours of training in the first week, progressing to 15 hours in the tenth week, with an increasing intensity as well.

Download the training plan here.

You can also view the training plan on Wattbike’s app. Download the app on iTunes or Google Play.