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A Shared Adventure

Register for an Haute Route event as a team of 3 to 10 riders and take on an adventure of a lifetime together.

Whether you´re already part of a cycling club or want to experience an Haute Route with a group of friends or colleagues, riding as a team is the perfect way to keep motivated before, during and after a race.

Take the opportunity to ride together to raise awareness or donations for a cause or charity close to your heart, or simply to experience some incredible cycling destinations!

When you sign up as an all-women, men or mixed gender team for an Haute Route 2023 event, you will receive a host of benefits, from exclusive entry price to team prizes and more.


Friends & Clubs




Charities & Associations


When you register for an Haute Route as a team, you will get access to exclusive prices and benefits to make your journey even more special.*

* Discount non-cumulative with any other offer. Teams registered via a Tour Operator do not have access to this discount.

** As the 3 fastest riders in each team are only considered for the ranking, we advise large teams to divide into smaller teams to make the most of the challenge! See booklet for further details.

*** Insofar as all the riders of the team choose the same accommodation option and within the limits of the accommodation capacities of the partner hotels.

How to register as a team?

  1. Choose the event of your choice.
  2. During the registration process, choose if you want to join or create a team.
  3. 46 days prior to the event, depending on the size of you team, you will receive the details of the exclusive benefits you and your teammates have unlocked.
Download the booklet

Download the booklet for all the details

This booklet will give you all the details about the group offer and guide you through the team registration process.

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Contact and more information

If you want more information about the Team Offer, reach our team at [email protected].

If you have any issues during your registration process, let us know at [email protected]. Our dedicated team will be here to help.