Introducing a new way to race: the Team Category

There’s endless reasons why riding as a team is a game changer for many riders. From startline banter, to that unrivalled inspiration to push harder when it matters most, riding takes on a new meaning when your team depends on you and you on them. In 2021, take on the Haute Route in a whole new way with our TEAM CATEGORY.


Friends, family, co-workers or strangers brought together to chase a common goal; it doesn’t matter who makes up your team. What matters most is that you’re doing it together.

Replacing the Duo format at all events this year, Haute Route Teams are made up of 4-6 members, with either men’s, women’s or mixed groups.


Each team will make their own strategy to get three of their riders to the finish line as fast as possible. You’re in this together, so when you register as a team, you can choose your own team name that will be displayed on your bib at the event.

Whether you’re there to compete against the best or compete against yourself, your team will be there alongside you to help make it happen.


Each Team category (Women’s, Men’s and Mixed) will be up for an award at the official Haute Route prize ceremony at every event.
The ranking for Women’s and Men’s teams will be based by cumulating the times of the three fastest members. The ranking for Mixed teams will also be established using the times of the three best members, but must include the times from at least one woman and one man on each stage.


All riders that register as part of a team will also be included in the individual GC rankings, which means if you’re competitive by nature, you’ll be vying for position in both categories. The stakes are high, the pressure is on and there’s never been a better reason to reach for new heights.

If you are already registered and want to create a team, or if you are not yet registered and want to register as a team, you can find more information in our FAQs.


Sharing a challenging experience is what brings people together. If you are looking for a corporate team building event to help motivate your team, a next-level adventure for your cycling club or a unique event to network with clients, Haute Route provides an unrivalled experience with our new Teams format. Bring club members, clients and co-workers together in stunning cycling locations, with branded team cycling jerseys, team hotels and a dedicated support team for an unforgettable adventure.

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