How to measure your sweat rate to improve your hydration plan?

A good hydration strategy can make a big difference to your cycling performance and recovery

In training, as your performance standards get higher and you expect more and more of your body, it’s important to give time to aspects of your performance that can often be neglected. Things like better understanding your individual hydration needs often get pushed aside for bike upgrades and training goals. But small changes to your techniques can make a big difference to your cycling performance and recovery.

We have teamed up with Precision Hydration to help you better understand your sweat rate and improve your hydration strategy.

Step 1 : Download

Download the free Sweat Rate Calculator spreadsheet to help you collect your data.

Step 2: Watch

Watch the video guide on how to measure your sweat rate.

A written version of the guide is also available on the Precision Hydration blog.

Step 3: Collect data

Collect some data during a few training sessions over the next few weeks. What do the numbers mean?

As a rule of thumb, a sweat rate of less than 1L per hour would be considered on the low side. Anything around 1-1.5l/hr is a ‘normal’/moderate sweat rate. If you’re coming in above 2L/hr, you have a high sweat rate.

Bear in mind that body weight and size factors into all this to a degree. If you’re a tiny female distance runner sweating at 1.5L/hr, that would be considered a high sweat rate for you personally, but quite low for an Offensive Lineman in the NFL.

Step 4: Strategise

Use the data to refine your hydration strategy

Understanding how much you should drink while cycling can be a complicated issue. Measuring your sweat rate can be very helpful in guiding you in setting the approximate levels of fluid and sodium intake that you should be looking to take on during a ride. You can then experiment with this in order to optimise your performance.

To get some personalised hydration advice for your training, take PH’s free online Sweat Test. You can use the sweat rate data you’ve collected to inform your answers to the test. You can also contact Precision Hydration for personalised advise on the sweat test and your hydration strategy.

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