Haute Route Global Cycling Series strengthens its rider experience with the first 5 in a series of new global partners


Le Col, Le Coq Sportif, PKRS.AI, XEndurance and Il Magistrale join historic partners TAG Heuer, A Bloc, Precision Hydration and KitBrix on global deals cementing the Haute Route Global Cycling Series as the premier road cycling experience for amateur cyclists and offering continuity in their digital and physical premium brands to their riders.

25 November 2019 – During its most recent Haute Route Rendez-Vous event in London with over 100 guests including business partners, alumni riders and ambassadors; Haute Route announced the first in a series of new signings in their global partnership strategy and shared their vision to offer digital and physical partnerships throughout their annual calendar of events.

The announcement marks a historical moment for the unique global multi-day cycling series created in 2011, and birthplace of the legendary and world renowned 7-day Haute Route Alps, as the 5 new global partnerships (Le Col – Performance Clothing, PKRS.AI – Coaching Companion, Le Coq Sportif – Lifestyle Apparel, XEndurance – Energy Product and Il Magistrale – Coffee) join the existing partners (TAG Heuer – Timing and Watches, A Bloc - Beer, Precision Hydration - Hydration and KitBrix – Luggage) on multi-year contracts.

In partnership with MultiSports Research, Haute Route ran a global marketing study in 2019 gathering more than 3800 respondents. The study helped Haute Route to offer solutions to the logistical barriers that riders were facing, build around their event with a structured coaching solution and elevate the rider experience so that all Haute Route riders can reach new heights.

“Aligning our partnership landscape with what our riders need and expect from an event of our caliber has helped us to accelerate our partnership with brands from the technology and cycling industry that are focusing on innovation and premium services,” said Philippe Jullien, Haute Route Global Marketing & Commercial Director.

Matt Holden, Haute Route CEO, added, “Having leading global companies join us, will help cement Haute Route as one of the world’s most dynamic and pioneering cycling brands and will increase and improve the value proposition for all of our clients”.

Commencing in 2020 for a multi-year period, the following brands are joining the Haute Route family:

• LE COL, British cycle clothing manufacturer, as Global Performance Clothing Partner, will provide a dedicated range of Haute Route clothing for its series of events next year. Le Col will deliver a performance-orientated knowledge to the event series. As Haute Route delivers a professional experience for amateur cyclists, we now have the jersey to match.

• LE COQ SPORTIF, one of the oldest sports brands in the world as Global Lifestyle Apparel Partner, will provide a dedicated range of lifestyle products to Haute Route staff but more importantly they will provide the Official Finishers tee-shirt for all riders.

• PKRS.AI, as Global Coaching Companion, will provide a unique coaching application, bringing AI driven training to all cyclists helping each rider to access custom training program built for their chosen Haute Route event and based on their available training time, travel, work commitments and performance goals.

• XENDURANCE, as Continental Energy Partner, will provide riders with an annual solution to help aid their performance by improving their lactic and aerobic threshold with Lactic Acid Buffering tablets and energy gels before, during and after the Haute Route events.

• IL MAGISTRALE, as Global Coffee Supplier, will provide all riders with a unique and exclusive Grimpeur blend inspired by our “Reach New Heights” signature at the start of the stage to help them push harder during the ride.

In addition to the new announcements, the Haute Route Rendez-Vous has given current partners the opportunity to reengage their trust in the Haute Route Global Cycling Series on multi-year partnerships:

• TAG HEUER, as Global Timing Partner, will continue to provide a premium timing solution to our events worldwide as well as offer exclusive watches to 2020 Haute Route winners in both the male and female competition.

• PRECISION HYDRATION, as Global Hydration Partner, will provide hydration products to all riders at feed stations and in their registration pack and offer an exclusive sweat test at the event village.

• A BLOC, as Global Beer Partner, will provide an exclusive beer garden experience with a range of beers to all riders refreshing them at the end of a tough day in the saddle.

• KITBRIX, as Official Baggage Supplier, have designed a custom backpack to be collected at registration by our riders and travel bag for the 7-day riders.

To support and strengthen our development in South America and Asia we can announce world-renowned bike brand:

• SPECIALIZED, as Event Bike Partner, for Brazil and Qingcheng.


About LE COL - http://www.lecol.cc

Le Col was born from one pro-rider’s push to create the best performance cycling apparel. Our founder, former GB cyclist Yanto Barker remains central to the development of Le Col kit. Putting his professional insight and hours of testing into every fine detail, it’s Yanto’s cycling expertise and pursuit of performance perfection that gives Le Col the leading edge.

ABOUT LE COQ SPORTIF - https://www.lecoqsportif.com/uk

Le Coq Sportif, the oldest sport brand in the world, is the official and iconic yellow jersey partner of Le Tour de France, is honored to reach new heights with its new partnership with Haute Route. It’s not a competition, it’s an experience, and it’s a pleasure for le coq sportif to support this kind of initiative, and all the human stories behind it.

About PKRS.AI https://www.pkrs.ai

The PKRS.AI team comes from a diverse background of Private Equity, Venture Capital, SpaceX, Rocket Internet and other data-driven start-ups. Captured inside the coaching brain are the thoughts, skills and experience of Olympic and world champion athletes, their coaches and support staff. Proudly based in Los Angeles, Peakers is supported by a global investor base aligned to transform human performance.

About XENDURANCE - https://www.xendurance.eu

Xendurance is a sports nutrition company that was started in the USA in 2006 when the formula, Xendurance (Extreme Endurance in the USA) was under development. The parent company, Xendurance LLC., is located in Carefree, Arizona. Xendurance LLC goal was to develop an all-natural, drug-free product that would improve an athlete’s performance by improving both aerobic and lactate acid threshold.

About IL MAGISTRALE - https://www.magistralecyclingcoffee.cc

Il Magistrale roasts coffee for cyclists because we believe that drinking good coffee and cycling belong uniquely together. We started this adventure from our passion in cycling and slowly increased the speed on our coffee knowledge and roasting the best coffee beans. Those who demand the most from themselves will earn our coffee. Now ride your bike, push hard and earn your coffee. BE MAGISTRALE

About HAUTE ROUTEhttps://www.hauteroute.org

The Haute Route’s objective is to deliver an unparalleled professional experience for amateur cyclists delivering not only first-class hospitality and event management, but all the key ingredients that make up the culture and experience of professional road racing. In 2020 the Haute Route series boasts 11 events worldwide including new events in Brazil, Boulder and Crans-Montana and a calendar of events starting in March in Oman and finishing in October in China. Featuring challenging 3 and 7 day events in iconic cycling destinations worldwide, the Haute Route provides the opportunity to ride unique routes and legendary climbs in a peloton of passionate cyclists.