Fast workouts to make you a stronger cyclist

Spend a little time training so you can spend more time on the road

While time in the saddle is what we love, finding ways to go further, faster is what really drives us to climb mountains and do the impossible on the Haute Route. Small changes can make a big difference in a holistic approach to training, so we teamed up with the experts at PKRS.AI to bring together four fast workouts that can help you take your riding to the next level.

Hip stability

Your hips are a pivotal part of your pedal stroke. Long periods spinning in the saddle can create imbalances through your body. Some muscles are elongated for extended periods of time, while others are contracted, and each muscle group will react differently. Your hips are a prime candidate for these imbalances, but are crucial to your efficiency as a rider. Building strength and flexibility in your hips can help boost your power and tighten your pedal stroke technique, as well as take the strain off your lower back. This eight minute circuit will help build hip stability and make you a more balanced rider.

Yoga flow

There’s no doubt yoga has its benefits for cyclists. From aiding a faster recovery, to building strength and elasticity, a little yoga can go a long way in helping you in the saddle. This quick 12-minute yoga flow session was created by the coaches at PKRS.AI to complement an intense training plan.

Muscular endurance

You could say that muscular endurance (ME) is the foundation of all things cycling. Your body’s ability to resist muscular fatigue is crucial to long and difficult rides. This nine-minute session is designed to help you pedal harder for longer.

Shoulder stability

While your legs, hips and glutes bear the brunt of the work on a bike, it’s the neck, shoulders and back which are often the cause of the greatest discomfort or pain. Endurance calls for efficiency in the way you use your body, and the best way to do this is to make sure all parts are working together as they should. This 11-minute shoulder stability session will have you spinning stronger than ever before.

For more workouts built for cyclists, check out the Haute Route Coaching Companion App, available now on Apple and Android.