Yellow cars and smiling faces


Partner of the Haute Route Cycling Series since its inception in 2011, Mavic and their famous yellow cars have been an integral part of the Haute Route success story over the past seven years. Stepping up to become Title Partner of the inaugural Rockies event in 2017, Mavic are committed to following the expansion of the Haute Route; the on-going success and growth of the series would not be possible without them.

Present on the start line, embedded within the race, and on the finish line every day, the Mavic mechanics are on hand to tend to all mechanical issues that riders may face during the event. The motorbikes and cars weave their way in and out of the peloton, providing spare wheels, bikes, quick repairs and help with punctures when possible. The mechanics van is on hand at the start line to provide last minute tune-ups, fix creaking gears and pump up any tyres that have deflated overnight; it then rushes to the finish line to tend to any issues that have arisen during the stage, allowing riders to sleep easy at night, knowing their bike is ready for the next day.

On top of doing their day jobs, the Mavic mechanics are always more than happy to help with logistical tasks on the event village when necessary, helping the organisation team to run the event smoothly for the riders.

We talked to a couple of our riders to find out what the services they got from Mavic throughout the week

Paul Anderson, Bib No. 44, Canada
“The guys at Mavic provide such a pro service, I damaged my front wheel on the first day and they were right there to replace it and get me back on the road.”

Avishay Gaziel, Bib No.66, Israel
“The Mavic mechanics make this event completely different from all the others, their service is fantastic!”

Edward Thompson, Bib No. 2, USA
“I’d rather have them than anyone else looking after my bike, they helped my friend yesterday as well, they did a great job.”

Steven Bridgland, Bib No.242, UK
“My bottom bracket exploded early in the stage, and Mavic saved my day with a replacement bike. I couldn’t have finished the stage without them”.

Jeremy Turner, Bib No. 255, UK
“I’ve not had any issues this week, but I think that’s because they convinced me to ride Mavic wheels when I had troubles with my wheels in the Dolomites in 2015. It’s very reassuring to have them zipping up and down anyway, you know they’ll help you out if you need”.

We feel these testimonies provide a great reflection of the peloton’s overall gratitude towards Mavic, and we want to take this final opportunity to wish huge thanks to Mavic for their on-going support and to their mechanics this week for providing such brilliant services to our riders. Look out for the men in yellow on all our events this year and in the future, they’ll be smiling and happy to help!