Saving lives with Team Type 1


Founded in 2005 by Phil Southerland and Joe Eldridge, the Team Type 1 foundation aims to instill hope and inspiration for people affected by diabetes, and fight to reduce the disparities in diabetes care around the world. The Team Type 1 foundation has been the official charity of the Haute Route since 2014, and recently signed an extension until 2021, with the aim to increase the number of TT1 riders in the peloton every year and keep on raising funds to help people affected by diabetes. Since the beginning of the partnership in 2014, members of the TT1 teams on the Haute Route have raised over $500,000, helping thousands of children in Rwanda to get access to life saving testing supplies and care.

Riding for Team Type 1 in itself provides motivation for many riders, including James Davies of the USA who is a Type 1 diabetic and who is riding this inaugural edition of the Mavic Haute Route Rockies: “I probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the foundation, it pushes me to continue riding and to keep healthy as best as I can”.

Riding the Mavic Haute Route Rockies this year are sixteen Team Type 1 members, including French ski-mountaineering legend Laetitia Roux, who is delighted to be riding for a great cause: “I’m always impressed by these types of foundations, and to be able to add a charity dimension to my riding is great, it’s a cause that is now very close to my heart and one that I will continue to support beyond this week”.

Another French national, Jean-Raphael Gaitey, was keen to get the TT1 message out in his home country: “I thought it was a great opportunity to ride for a good cause and to try and spread the message in my home country. I’m very proud to be riding in the TT1 colours and hope to be up to the challenge throughout the week”.

Also enjoying his time in the peloton riding in TT1 colours is Alain Lambert, he alone is aiming to raise $25’000 for the foundation. “My wife and I are very grateful to have six healthy children and four healthy grandchildren, and we are very much aware that some people in other countries are not so fortunate. That is why I am riding for TT1, my motto this week is taken from a famous U2 song, and it goes ‘where you live shouldn’t decide whether you live or whether you die’ and it will keep me going into these final stages”.

Co-founder of the Team Type 1 foundation Phil Southerland is also riding this week and has expressed his gratitude towards all the TT1 riders and donors: “We owe a great debt to our Team Type 1 Haute Route cyclists and donors. They have proven to us what’s possible, and inspired us to think even bigger for the future. We are proud and honored to work with the team to see how much hope and inspiration we can deliver together”.

The Team Type 1 foundation will have teams riding all six Haute Route events this year, with the next event in Alpe d’Huez from July 12th to 14th, before the three weeklong events at the end of August and in early September and season closer on the 3-day Haute Route Ventoux in October.

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