How to get your hydration right for Haute Route Alps


Here’s how to get your hydration right during Haute Route Alps from our friends at Precision Hydration, who help elite riders, including Team Sunweb, stay hydrated.

Plus, see the bottom of the blog if you really want to dial your hydration strategy in by taking the same Sweat Test that Team Sunweb’s riders take to personalise their hydration plan before a Grand Tour.

Your Rider’s Pack includes a tube of PH 1500, a strong electrolyte drink that’ll help you start optimally hydrated. Mix one tablet with 500ml of water and drink it the night before each stage. This’ll help you absorb and retain more fluid, which boosts your blood plasma volume and reduces cardiovascular strain. Learn more

• Drink another 500ml bottle of PH 1500 ~90 mins before you start each stage. ‘Preloading’ before your ride may also help you avoid cramping up. Learn more

• Don’t just drink lots of plain water in the build-up. You can end up diluting your blood sodium levels, increasing the risk of a ride-ruining condition called hyponatremia

• You’ll be able to fill your bottles up with PH 500 or water at the feed stations on the course. PH 500 is a low-calorie, hypotonic electrolyte drink designed for optimal fluid absorption. Learn more

• Separating hydration and nutrition gives you greater control and flexibility during the ride and can help avoid GI issues. You’ll be able to get plenty of calories from the gels, bars and sweet/savoury foods available on the course

• Drink to thirst during the ride but, as a guide, most riders will find they want to drink between 500ml and 1l per hour

• Feeling thirsty? Have a dry mouth? You may not be drinking enough. Try to respond to the early signs of thirst and not leave it too late

• Bloated? Fluid sloshing around in your stomach? Need to pee often during the ride? You might be drinking too much. Don’t force fluids down if you don’t feel you want them

Take the free online Sweat Test to get some personalised advice and use the code HR-ALPS-89JH to get £10 off your first order at before the end of September.

20% off the Sweat Test used by Team Sunweb!

Want to take the same Advanced Sweat Test that Team Sunweb’s riders take to fully personalise their hydration strategy before a Grand Tour?

You’ll find out exactly how much sodium you lose in your sweat (largely genetically determined, so you only need one test) and receive a Personalised Hydration Plan dialled in to your individual needs.

The test takes about 25 minutes and it’s done at rest and is non-invasive.

Team Sunweb’s Jan Bakelants - a former Yellow Jersey holder - said “PH Sweat Tested me and this confirmed my feeling, my sweat doesn’t contain a great deal of sodium, but due to my high sweat rate I lose quite a lot of sodium over a race. Pre-hydrating properly with the 1500mg/l strength supplement was the most powerful take home message for me”.

Precision Hydration are offering a limited number of afternoon/evening appointments during Haute Route Alps and if you book in advance you’ll get 20% off (£75 instead of £95). Email James at [email protected] for more info and look out for him in his PH kit during the rides!

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