Five reasons to ride the Haute Route Ventoux


#1 Conquer all three sides of the Ventoux
With each stage finishing up a different side of Mont Ventoux, riders will get to conquer this mountain from all angles in the space of just three days.

#2 A mountain steeped in cycling history
Featuring heavily in the history of the Tour and professional cycling, Mont Ventoux has been the scene for many memorable stages throughout the years. Whilst the ascent from Bédoin remains the most famous, the other two sides are equally as challenging. We asked our peloton which side was their favourite and why in the video below.

#3 Ride through a Unesco biosphere reserve at sunrise

The Gorges de la Nesque are guaranteed to provide you with incredible views and unique encounters with the local wildlife. Ride up this winding road on stage 2 this October!

#4 The perfect end to your cycling season.
Enjoy the incredible autumnal conditions, clement weather, empty roads and three summit finishes! What better way to end your season?

#5 It’s more than just the Mont Ventoux
Above and beyond the incredible Mont Ventoux, the region of French Provence is absolutely stunning at this time of year. Check out this drone video below to get a quick taste of what you can expect at the Haute Route Ventoux this autumn.