Five reasons to ride the Haute Route Norway


#1 Start Your Adventure Underwater
The Haute Route Norway course starts with a ride through the Ryfast Tunnel. Reaching -292m beneath sea-level, this ride through the Ryfast Tunnel is a once in a lifetime affair before the tunnel is opened to traffic in September. Check out the video animation below.

#2 A Uniquely Norwegian Experience
Get the full Fjords of Norway experience on Day 2 with a Ferry transfer from Stavanger to Lysebotn. Passing under the Kjerag Rock and Pulpit Rock on the way, you will have unrivalled views on these two prized tourism destinations.

#3 The Norwegian Alpe d’Huez
The only major climb of the weekend is not to be underestimated. Starting at the end of the Lysefjord, the Lysebotn climb averages 10% for over 8km and features 20 switchbacks.

#4 Unrivalled Riding Conditions
Winding coastal roads, minimal traffic, perfect tarmac. What else can you ask for? The roads and views that you will discover on the Haute Route Norway are second to none. The town of Stavanger is also exactly what you would expect: with colourful wooden houses, a vibrant nightlife, great food and incredible views.

#5 The Ideal Location For A Summer Getaway
Discover the beauty of the Stavanger Region