4 Reasons to Ride as a Duo

Take on the early season Haute Route events as a Duo

Introduced in 2018, the Duo competition format is a great opportunity to team up with a friend or family member to take on an Haute Route together. Discover four reasons why you should team up and ride an Haute Route event as a Duo:

1. Training Motivation
Training is always better with a partner. Even if your duo partner lives thousands of miles away, knowing you’re in it together provides the motivation to stick to your training and show up fit and prepared.

2. Inspiration and Memories
The duo category is a great opportunity for a newer rider to team up with a more experienced cyclist, spouses to compete together, or a rare opportunity for a parent and son/daughter (18 yrs +) to compete as a team.

3. Teamwork
Your team’s result for each stage is based on the second rider to finish each timed segment, so you have to work together to maximise performance!

4. Shared Achievement
The best part of incredible adventures is sharing them with someone else. Encouraging your partner on the road, giving and taking a draft, and crossing the finish line together are all experiences you’ll share with your teammate for a lifetime.

Conquer Italy’s most famous mountain as a Duo
In 2019 the Haute Route Stelvio is a Duo Only event

Team up and conquer three of the most famous climbs in all of Italian cycling over a long weekend. The 2019 course features the Umbrail Pass and Passo dello Stelvio (from Prato all Stelvio) on the first stage, followed by Passo Mortirolo and Passo Gavia on the second day and a time trial up Passo dello Stelvio from Bormio on the final day.

Enjoy the charm of Bormio, a thermal-baths town nestled right at the foot of the Passo dello Stelvio. Easily accessible by car from three major European airports (Milan, Zurich, Monaco) as well as by train and public transport, travel to Bormio for more than just a long weekend of cycling.

Beyond the incredible cycling that you will take on with your Duo teammate, there are a number of other activities you can enjoy before, during and after the event:

1) Relax and recover in the Thermal Baths
2) Play 9-holes of Golf in a picturesque Alpine setting
3) Hike through the Stelvio National Park
4) Enjoy the incredible pastries in the local bakeries
5) Eat great local food at the old-town restaurants