Meet & Ride

The best way to learn how to prepare for an Haute Route is to share with former riders or with our team of ambassadors.

Check out the latest options and sign up for rides, event's warm ups or at some live sessions, where all questions can be asked.

Where to find us

Partner stores

Our community rides can also start from one of our partner stores around the world, look at our agenda above to find the best time and place for you to come meet us. We will enjoy a good time together on the bike and can discuss the Haute Route experience.

Training centres

If you want to continue to progress and learn more about power and how to reach the next level, you can get closer to one of our partner Training Center. Whatever your level, from beginner to expert cyclist, come and discover the indoors sessions with personalised coaches or experts athletes, who will help you reach new heights for your next challenge.

London Athlete Lab

Paris Summit cycle

Hubs & Cafés

Cycling is above all a social sport, just like the Haute Route adventure. That’s why we collaborate with a selection of Hubs & Cafés around the world where you can meet our community and chat nicely after a ride around a good coffee.

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