Haute Route Ride - Ciclomarca / Road to Pyrenees

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Ciclomarca X Haute Route ( Road to Pyrenees )

Haute Route and its cycling hub in Portugal came together to organise a Haute Route gathering. The ride will be around 110km long with 2 climbs (cat3 & cat2). This will be a social ride event though we will start introducing “THE SEGMENT”.


Using Strava, 3 segments will be built and announced during the pre-ride briefing :
• HR - short climb burst segment
• HR - KOM (long climb)
• HR - Sprinters delight

There will be a prize draw for every segment (t-shirt + bidon + socks). Participants will only be eligible if they register on Haute Route Nation.

The results will be measured by Strava. The winner of one segment can try the next one, but will only win 1 prize (there will be 3 different winners). For example, if the winner of the short climb also wins the KOM, they will only get one prize for the first ride.

The ride will respect Covid health measures. Please wear a mask at all times (when not riding) and keep your distance with other riders.

Event Details

Location Ciclomarca, R. Dr. Manuel Pacheco Nobre 102-A, 2830-080 Barreiro, Portugal
Date Sunday, May 16, 2021 at 8:30am - 9:30am Portugal (UTC +1)
Time Zone Portugal (UTC +1)
Duration   1 hours

Haute Route Ambassador Group Rides

Repeats? No

Registrations are currently closed