Haute Route Ambassador Programme

About the Programme

Interested in becoming an Haute Route Ambassador?

More than just a ride, Haute Route is a journey. It is undertaken by those with a passion for cycling that extends beyond the ordinary. Just like many unforgettable achievements, an Haute Route experience often begins with a word of encouragement from a trusted source.

The Haute Route Ambassador team is comprised of alumni and a limited number of first-time aspiring Haute Route finishers willing to promote our 3- and 7-day Haute Route cycling series and our 1-day Gran Fondo National Series as a trusted source.

The team currently has Ambassadors from 27 countries proudly representing the Haute Route brand. Ambassadors are required to promote Haute Route via personal social media, lead and support on-the-ground activation, and connect their cycling network to Haute Route events. Benefits include event entries, preferred rates for accommodation and partner product alliances. While applications for our 2020 roster are now closed, please consider placing your name on the interest list. Athletes on our interest list will have priority placement in the event a spot becomes available.

Learn more about the program and what it means to be an Haute Route Ambassador.

Put Your Name on the Interest List.

The Haute Route Ambassador Team offers group rides in locations around the world. Rides are free and open to all Haute Route registered riders and guests.

Group rides are non-supported and participants are riding at own risk at all times.

Group Ride Requirements:

  • Bring the proper tools and equipment to self-manage mechanicals
  • Wear a helmet at all times
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Come properly prepared for all weather conditions
  • Bring sufficient nutrition and hydration for the duration of the ride
  • Arrive in plenty of time of the ride start time to listen to the course route and get your bike ready
  • Follow the route leaders instructions on course at all times
  • Communicate any change in plans en route to the route leaders
  • Register for the ride on events.com

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Jan Vandenbossche (BEL)

Igor Laguens (BRZ)

Fernando Rianho (BRZ)

Claudia Souza Lencioni

Ainara Benavente (CAN)

Richard Jodoin (CAN)

Kelly Servinski (CAN)

Alexandra Soriano (CAN)

Luis Cristobal “Flinston” (COL)

Karin Täär (EST)

Petri Karvinen (FIN)

Laura Patrikainen (FIN)

Aude Baron (FRA)Tamara Colombier (FRA)

Adrienne Estrada (FRA)

Hughes Faivre d’Arcier (FRA)

Hervé Gebel (FRA)

Alexandre Menneteau (FRA)

Laurent Novero (FRA)

Abdelkader Sahili (FRA)

Florian Sury (FRA)

Wynnie Fung (HKG)

Chris Liu (HKG)

Jón Skaftason (ICE)

Lior Cohen (ISR)

Giovanni Prosperi (ITA)

Michele Verdoja (ITA)

Shinya Tsushima (JAP)

Christian André (LUX)

Angeline Ong (MAL)

Michelle Clariond (MEX)

Manuel Peña Morros (MEX)

Carlos Perea (MEX)

Gisela Zurita ventura (MEX)

Helmer Berre (NOR)

Caroline Vamnes (NOR)

Prince Angelo Roco (OMA)

Muhammad Kazim Mujtaba (PAK)

Luis Silva (POR)

Aaron Borrill* (SAF)

Neil du Preez (SAF)

Jordi Dilmé (ESP)

Daniel Jordán Andrade (ESP)

Simon Boqvist (SWE)

Stijn Pielage (CH)

Matt Bundy (UK)

Laura Cameron (UK)

Jim Cotton* (UK)

Nic Fisher (UK)

Nic Frank* (UK)

Helen Sharp (UK)

Andy Tomkins (UK)

Arthur Tye (UK)

Tim Webster (UK)

Fran Whyte (UK)

Matthew Accarino* (USA)

Stuart Barrington (USA)

Matthew Beckwith (USA)

Liz Bernstein* (USA)

Evan Blankenship (USA)

Jaime Brede (USA)

Renee Eastman (USA)

Fortunato Ferrara (USA)

Marni Harker (USA)

Chris Kittler (USA)

David Lane (USA)

Felipe Loureiro (USA)

Dawn Manfredonia (USA)

Sally McMahon (USA)

Lindsay Meyers (USA)

Patrick Merle (USA)

Gia Nikolova (USA)

Joan Orgeldinger (USA)

Rick Oshlo (USA)

Frank Overton (USA)

Colby Pearce (USA)

Nancy Porter (USA)

Steven Quartz (USA)

Renee Roth Powers (USA)

Tracy Saine (USA)

Shaun Smith (USA)

Julie Stokes (USA)

Alex Tellez (USA)

Alison Tetrick* (USA)

Gail Thalmann (USA)

Joseph Tysoe (USA)

Travis Van Dyke (USA)

Randy Warren (USA)

Anthony Zahn (USA)

Elite Ambassadors

Special Influencers*

Interested in Becoming an Haute Route Ambassador?

Our 2020 Ambassador Program is now closed. Stay tuned for 2021.

Ambassador Program Benefits

✔️Complimentary and/or preferred pricing for entries.**

✔️Special pricing for accommodations.

✔️Special companion entry pricing.
✔️Haute Route logo branded cycling wear, ambassador stickers (bike & helmet) and bike plate.
✔️Exclusive incentive prizes for achievements.
✔️Ambassador reward pricing that you may gift to your cycling network.
✔️Promo items to assist you with outreach.
✔️Promotion on the Haute Route website and social media channels

**Preferred pricing reward varies by type of Ambassador position however ALL ambassadors have the ability to earn FREE entries by referring riders.