A race format that suits you

Choose from two different courses available on 3-day events to suit everyone

Choose a course that suits you on every 3-day event in 2019*. You can either take on the challenge of the Original course, or decide to ride the Compact course which provides the same experience but on an easier route for each stage.

Haute Route Compact Rider
Two course formats


  • 2 Classic Stages
  • 100KM to 140KM
  • 2500M+ to 3500M+
  • 1 Uphill Time Trial


  • 2 Classic Stages
  • 70KM to 100KM
  • 1500M+ to 2500M+
  • 1 Uphill Time Trial

What's the same?

  • 3 Stages
  • 2 Classic Stages
  • 1 Uphill Time Trial
  • Premium experience
  • On and off bike services
  • Everyone is part of the same peloton

What's different?

  • A shorter distance on the Compact course
  • Less climbing on the Compact course
  • Separate rankings and awards
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Compact Event Map

Is the Compact course right for you?

  1. Want to explore the Haute Route experience for the first time?
  2. Think an Haute Route might be too tough for you?
  3. Haven't had time to train for a full Haute Route?
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*The Compact course is available for all 3-day events in 2019, except Haute Route Oman.

Compact Event Riders